A Six-Part Video Series with Joe Dallas

These video lessons for Christian families with a gay loved one will show what to expect, how to respond, what to say, and how to maintain both grace and truth when someone you love is gay.

What You'll Get:

  1. Six 20-minute teaching sessions including Content, Summary, and Key Points.
  2. Downloadable workbook including Session Notes and Supplemental Reading.
  3. Perpetual membership in a year-round private online community, only for participants in this course, hosted by Joe Dallas, where you’ll connect with other Christian parents and family members with gay loved ones.
  4. Update: Community Page coming soon.

Course Objectives:

  1. To equip you preserve your relationship with your gay loved one.
  2. To give you a better understanding of homosexuality from a Biblical perspective.
  3. To help you understand what your loved one has experienced.
  4. To answer questions you may have about your loved one.
  5. To equip you with answers to questions you may get from your loved one.
  6. To help you develop boundaries and policies as need.

How to Use this Course

Download your workbook, then watch the videos at your own pace.

You own this product, so you can repeat viewing the videos as often as you wish. 

Joe Dallas

Meet Joe Dallas

Joe is an author, conference speaker, and pastoral counselor. He is the founder of Cloudfire Ministries in Tustin, California, which is a counseling ministry for those dealing with sexual addiction and other sexual/relational problems. He also serves on the Elder Board of Newport Mesa Church and received his master’s degree in Christian Counseling from Vision University.

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“When does the course start and finish?”

You start and finish the course at your own pace, and the video lessons remain available to you once you’ve purchased the course. There is no cutoff date for viewing them.

“How soon can I join the online community?”

We'll be closing our our Facebook Community Page and re-doing the online community on this platform soon. You'll be receiving an email with details as soon as it's up and running.

“How does the online community work?”

The online community page is being updated and will be a private Community Page set up only for people who have purchased the “When Someone You Love is Gay” series. Once you’ve signed up for it, you will be able to view postings that Joe Dallas or others have made to the group, comment to other group members, and add your own posts as you please.

“Are the monthly webinars with Joe Dallas year-round?”

We have discontinued the monthly Facebook webinars at this time, but recommend you sign up for our email newsletter to learn about ongoing free webinars we conduct regularly. You can sign up, and get a free e-book HERE